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Optimize life with e-stim tools from MyoPux.

Solutions for Everyone

At-home users

Take your recovery on the go with wireless, portable TENS and EMS stimulation.

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Simplify your dry needling services with fewer cords and bluetooth powered e-stim.

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Reduce Pain and Speed Healing

MyoPux’s suite of e-stim devices help you make the most of recovery, whether you’re helping yourself or working with a patient.

Save Time

Stop hassling with tangled wires, gels, or batteries. Our bluetooth-powered devices help you get the e-stim you need, fast.

Get Results

Whether you’re an athlete after training or a practitioner providing dry needling services, you can depend on MyoPux to give you safe, easy, reliable results.

Be Your Best

With its small, portable design, MyoPux will help you do your job, your hobbies, and your life better, no matter if you’re in a clinic or a grocery store.

The ease you need. The results you deserve.

At MyoPux, we know that you are a warrior against pain. Whether you’re in pain yourself or helping others fight it, e-stim devices are a great way to aid recovery and optimize treatments.

The only problem? Most TENS and EMS units are clunky, full of wires, and difficult to use.

That’s why we set out to optimize electrical stimulation. Using bluetooth technology, we’ve gotten rid of all the hassle around e-stim, and kept all the benefits. No matter if you’re using a MyoPux receiver on an airplane or in your clinic, you can rely on long-lasting, consistent, powerful results.

We hope you’ll give MyoPux a try today so you can enjoy an optimized tomorrow. 

“I use it about 5 times a week. I’ve ordered a few more for friends, because it works so well. It relaxes me, calms my low back, and helps me heal.”

– Mike

Available in Two Applications


At-home Use
Specifically designed to be thin and smooth enough to wear under your clothes, MyoPux makes on-the-go recovery your new reality. Operated with a touchscreen display, simply synchronize the receiver (pux) with the controller, select a program, and set desired intensity.

MyoPux EDN

Practitioner Use
Designed for dry needling and acupuncture practitioners, MyoPux eDN connects to dry needles or acupuncture needles to stimulates neural, muscular, osseous, and connective tissues and treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions–without the tangle of wires.

The Ultimate Plug and Play e-Stim Devices

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