Introducing the NEW Leopard Paw 2.0! All the same incredible functionality with a sleek new look.

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More Than Pretty

The LC Paw was designed to provide an ergonomic grip with a less-aggressive edge (compared to the LC Claw.) Destined to become your most-used tool for everyday recovery, improved circulation, fascia support, and muscle tension relief.

Instructions for Use

Step 1

First apply your favorite body cream, oil, or Combat One Field Foam to aid your LC Paw in a comfortable glide.

Step 2

Use the scanning edge (the convex edge)to scan (lightly glide over) the tissues to help you detect abnormalities (notice any lumps and bumps indicating fascia binds.)

Step 3

Increase the frequency of the scraping (starting above and ending below) the point of restriction to condition the tissues. Gradually apply more pressure to affect deeper layers if desired.

Choose from Two Options

Laser Etched Spots

for your everyday self-care routine

Raised Grip

for enhanced grip, ideal for practitioners or avid users alike

Reimagined Design, Enhanced Functionality

Discover the sleek new look with all the incredible functionality you love.

Improved Ergonomics

The Paw was designed for improved ergonomics and ease of transport due to its graduated shape and compact size.

Continuous Treatment Edge

Leopard Paw can easily fit in your purse or pocket. Just like Leopard Claw, the Paw has a continuous treatment edge that allows for scraping in any direction and can be used in either hand.

Two Options

Select from two options on the finish; Laser Etched Spots for everyday self-use or Raised Spots for improved grip, great for the practitioner or avid user.

Your Ultimate Recovery Companion

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